Friday, October 12, 2007


This journal chronicles the beer journeys of two beer lovers from the upper Midwest, Amber Toner and Ryan Simatic. This isn’t Michael Jackson’s The World Guide to Beer, just two amateur beer enthusiasts and their ramblings. However, if you are a casual beer lover, we’re confident that you will enjoy this journal as much as you’d enjoy a weiβ on a hot summer day.

First some background on the contributors:

Ryan Simatic

Ryan was born and raised in Brew City, USA: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Coming from a long line of suds enthusiasts, it was only a matter of time before Ryan developed the love of beer shared by his father and grandfather. Ryan also spent 8 years in Minneapolis, graduating from the University of Minnesota, before moving to another of the country’s great beer bastions, Madison, Wisconsin. Ryan has owned a small business, as well as worked for environmental advocacy. Currently Ryan works for a bank and will be attending law school beginning next September.

Amber Toner was born and raised in the beer heartland of Wisconsin, on the mean streets of a hole-in-wall town called Black Earth, where she spent her youth chug training in the cornfields of her native lands. Amber moved to Madison 8 years ago and currently works as an attorney babysitter/legal assistant, on matters of environmental and labor law. Although an equal opportunity beer drinker, Amber often gravitates towards those beers that share her name. When she is not enjoying a brew she can be found knitting and wrangling her furry babies, Brownie and Liebe, a French Bulldog and Pug, who also enjoy a few nips from mommy’s mug.

We hope you enjoy our journal, and share a delicious brew while you read.


Ryan & Amber

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