Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good News for MN Beer Lovers

Having lived in the great state of Minnesota for 8 years, I know first hand that the state suffers from a severe lack of craft brewing. The two large independent breweries, August Schell of New Ulm, and Summit Brewing of St. Paul, are woefully inadequate at satisfying the needs of a discerning and thirsty populace.

Well there is a star on the horizon Minnesotans. At this year's Great Taste of the Midwest (held annually in Madison), we had the good fortune of sampling the wares of a new St. Paul suds producer, Flat Earth Brewing Company. We sampled the Bermuda Triangle Tripel, which was a tad sweet for my liking, however good, but Amber found it excellent.

Today is a big day for Minnesota and Flat Earth, as Chisago Lakes Distribution picked up 100 cases of their Belgian Pale Ale in 22oz. bottles. Where are these 22's going? According to Flat Earth the full scope is not known, but here is a quick list: Cellars - Roseville, Cellars - St. Paul, Cellars - Eagan, Cellars - Plymouth, Princeton's - Maple Grove, Surdyk's - Minneapolis (Next Week), Dolce Vita - Chaska (Next Week).

Drink up Twin Cities!

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kyle said...

Thx for the tip. I'll keep an eye out for it.