Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brasserie V

Amber and I stumbled across a very nice suprise while shopping for Halloween wear yesterday: a new restaurant and "tap room" on Monroe Street in Madison called Brasserie V. A Brasserie is a fancy word for a place that is a beer bar, that also usually serves hearty, simple or cheap food. While Brasserie V certainly lives up to the first part of the definition, its food is not what I would call simple, nor is it cheap, but it is fantastic.

Let me start first with the main part of this definition, and the main reason that you should visit V (or this blog): beer. V has an amazing selection of taps, if a bit heavy on the Belgian side (not a bad thing), including many brews rarely seen on taps this side of the Atlantic.

The selection is worth listing in its entirety: Abbaye des Rocs Triple Imperiale (10% ABV, Belgium), Ale Asylum Diablo (8.5% Wisconsin), Anchor Porter (5.6% California), Brugse Zot (6% Belgium), Capital Autumnal Fire (8.5% Wisconsin), Chimay Triple (8% Belgium), Corsendonk Pater (7.5% Belgium), Duchesse De Bourgone (5% Belgium), Erdinger Weiss Dunkel (5.6% Germany), La Trappe Quadrupel (10% The Netherlands), Murphy's Stout (4% Ireland), St Bernardus ABT 12 (10% Belgium), St Bernardus Tripel (8% Belgium), Unibroue Chambly Noire (6% Canada). I won't even go into their extensive bottle selection that includes gems like Konigshoeven Dubbel, Westmalle Triple, Dogfishhead Pumpkin Ale, NC Brother Thelonius, and Ayinger Weiss.

The brews are served in appropriate glasses, sometimes matching the brewery from which they came. They also have beers on special for you bargain hunters out there, and wine for those of you that should probably be reading a different blog.

The food had a French meets American Posh feel, with a diverse selection of sandwiches, salads, and entrees that can cater to most palettes, from Pomme Frites and Cheese Plates, to a portabello sandwich and BBQ pork with red cabbage. I had the Wisconsin Rainbow Trout, which was cooked to perfection and stuffed with a garlic and leek mixture that made the fish melt in your mouth. Amber chose the Prince Edward Island mussels, which were served in a white wine, butter and garlic broth. The mussels were a fine quality, not rubbery, and were much complemented by the broth.

Between the amazing beer selection, excellent food, and attentive service, we think we may have found a new favorite in Madison. If you live here, go, and if you don't, make a point of visiting when you are here.

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