Tuesday, October 16, 2007


We gave you some background on Oktoberfest, and some Oktoberfest beers back here. Well, who would we be to talk about Oktoberfest with out attending one, or in this case, throwing a fest of our own.

Two weekends ago Amber & I hosted our very own Oktoberfest celebration in the spirit of the season. Although the weather was not very autumn-like, the event was a huge success, complete with grilled meats and other delicious Amber-cooked foods, bocce ball, a hula-hoop chugging contest, many great friends, and of course, great beer.

As part of our party, we encouraged people to bring a 6-pack of their favorite fall beer. Not everyone’s fall beer is the same naturally, and it was a very un-fall-like 85 degrees, so some warm weather beers were represented as well. We ended up with beers from some of the world’s great brewing regions: Wisconsin, Colorado, Belgium, and of course Germany. There was pale ale for the hop-heads, weisses and wits for the wheat fans, and of course many oktoberfests for the malt lovers.

The beer was all placed into communal coolers and made for a cornucopia of delectable fermented beverages with more than enough for every person and every palette. I highly encourage you to try this approach to throwing your own Oktoberfest party, or any other party full of beer lovers. It’s almost like your own beer festival.

The only casualty of the event was our picnic table. Please chug and lounge responsibly.


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