Friday, October 26, 2007

Beer of the Week

Even though the last two beers of the week were from south-central Wisconsin, we promise that not all of them will be; however, it is Amber's birthday today, so in addition to this BOTW being a delicious brew, it is a nod to Amber. Happy Birthday! With that, we’re thirsty to name Ale Asylum’s Ambergeddon as our recommendation for weekend libation (of course, in moderation).

Our BOTW comes from right in our own back yard, Madison, Wisconsin. Ale Asylum brews a wide variety of beers including a stout, an American pale ale, a blonde ale, and a Belgian dubbel.

Ambergeddon is hard to classify. The brew is a cloudy unfiltered rich red-auburn and has a thick but short head. It has some of the maltiness of a traditional amber ale, but it has hops in an almost IPA level. The mingling of the hops and the malt is one of the qualities that make this beer stand out. Is it a hoppy beer, or a malty beer? It's hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.

The perfect balancing of malt and hops makes this a beer you can have again and again. It satisfies a wide array of tastes and has a cool name to boot. Congrats to the Ale Asylum on Ambergeddon for being our second Beer of the Week.

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Amber Toner said...

I love you buhbee!

kyle said...

Beer of the Weak
I want to assist in Ryan and Amber's mission of improving their audience's beer tastes. I will do this by letting you know what not to drink: Gluek's. This is the beer that's available at St. Paul Saints games for $1 on Thursdays. Boy, is it NASTY! I have no idea what kind of brew it's supposed to be but no brew should be so sour. 'Nuf said. Learn from my mistake and don't drink it- and do drink what Ryan tells you to drink.

(To be fair to Gluek's, they have a nice bar which does serve good beer and food. Just don't drink what they brew.)

And happy birthday to Amber. Hope it is fun and safe.