Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Beer

Is it 2008 already? I was expecting flying cars and beers delivered directly into my living room via pneumatic bank tubes; one can dream.

My message for the new year is contained within the title of this article. Get out there and try a new beer. While this may come at first glance as a mere suggestion to support the economy of craft brewing, it's actually more than that.

Trying a new beer can bring you together with new friends; it can make you remember old ones. It can make you dream of visiting the quaint settings of the brewery, it can make you dream of brewing on your own.

It can get you drunk and share something you wouldn't; it can make you listen to something you wouldn't.

It can expand your taste buds, making you more adventurous in dining, and who knows, maybe even in travel.

I encourage you to try this new brew from a local brewery, to taste your local brew culture, and also to support local business and be green. A new beer may just be the start of a new life.

Cheers to 2008!

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