Friday, January 4, 2008

Beer of the Week

Each year, in what I think is a fabulous event for the world of home brewing, Samuel Adams sponsors a nationwide homebrew contest. "Longshot," as the contest is known, asks participants to submit beers in one of 23 styles, and then holds regional contests around the nation, this year in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Winners are selected from the regionals, and the top four are selected from those winners. Then the top two have their beer recipes replicated by Sam Adams and distributed in six-packs across the country (three were distributed in 2007 from the 2006 winners).

Since the judging doesn't take place until the later half of the year, and it takes a little while to get the production going, the 2006 winners are in circulation now, with 2007 to be starting soon. The winners from 2006 included a Boysenberry Wheat (Amber's favorite), an English Old Ale, and a Dortmunder Export style from Bruce Stott of Massachusetts.

A Dortmunder is slightly different from the nearby pale lagers of Munich and the pilsners of Bohemia. It's got the maltiness of a German lager, with the hop aroma of a pilsner, yet is slightly stronger than both. Using only one variety of malt, Mr. Stott was able to capture the delicate balance of the Dortmunder.

It's a rich yellow color, with a subtle noble hop nose, and a thicker mouthfeel, heavier in alcohol. It has a minimal head that fades away with some nice lacing.

A great beer for summer, but honestly it would be nice to drink year round. Congratulations to Mr. Stott for bringing his homebrew to a national audience and making our beer of the week.

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