Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best of the Best

Thefullpint.com is conducting a poll to see what is the best IPA in country.

There are some heavy hitters on the list, including Stone, Lagunitas, Two Hearted, Hop Devil, Dogfish Head 60, and Racer 5.

Of note though is the little Minneapolis brew pub that could, Town Hall.

Although thefullpint.com is based out of Southern California, Town Hall's Masala Mama IPA somehow made the list. While some other quality IPAs are left to compete as "write-ins," Town Hall is playing the field with the West Coast big boys.

Congratulations to Town Hall. You've obviously made an impression on someone.

P.S. Which IPA is getting my vote? Sorry that's secret. But I'll tell you that it's not Magic Hat.

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thefullpint said...

I fell in love with Masala Mama IPA after I traded my buddy Armin. They definitely can hold their own against the "Big Dogs."

Dan - thefullpint.com

RyanSimatic said...

The big question is, what did you trade him?

Thanks for contributing Dan!