Monday, July 14, 2008

Bars on the Brain

It's been a while since I've graced the pages of the interwebs with some fresh beer material; what can I say, it's summer and I'm busier drinking beer than writing about it.

But, I do feel a slight obligation to the readers, so I'll provide two beer-bar reviews over the next two days; here's the first.

The Palm Tavern
2989 S. Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI

The Palm occupies a very unassuming facade on Kinninckinnic Avenue (known in local parlance as "K-K") in the vibrant Milwaukee neighborhood of Bay View. While on the exterior the Palm looks very much like any other dive bar that slings south-side sauce, the interior and vibe are distinctly different.

Wisconsin's capital city, Madison, has banned smoking in bars for a few years now, but Milwaukeeans are still free to light up at will...but not at the Palm. The establishment is smoke free; there are no ash trays on the tables, and consequently, you won't smell like one when you leave.

Upon entering the Palm, the bartender may hand you a menu that has nothing to do with food. Instead, the menu details the impressively extensive selection of taps, bottles, and big Belgian styled bottles, and an equally impressive collection of scotch whiskey, if that's your thing.

The draft menu is limited, but qaulity. Featuring selections from La Chouffe, Bell's, Left Hand, and Anchor, the taps are a good place to start. The bottle selection, going on for pages, is where to look for something exotic, or to find your old micro-stand by.

The Palm Tavern is certainly unique for a South Side pub, and is a welcome staple on K-K. If the Palm isn't your scene and you'd prefer a PBR and a cigarette, you can try the less classy, but definitely fun "Lee's Luxury Lounge;" it's right across the street.

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