Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bars on the Brain - Pt. II

Part II in our bars special is located in Minnesota:

The Muddy Pig
162 Dale St. N
St. Paul, MN

In an area only twenty years ago home to dangerous vices like hard drugs and illicit gambling, the Selby-Dale neighborhood of Saint Paul has now begun to embrace simpler vices: coffee and beer for example.

The neighborhood's transformation from slum to one of Saint Paul's more desirable neighborhoods is nearly complete with all the hallmarks of gentrification: coffee shops; a co-op; a new pizza joint; and its own neighborhood bistro, the Muddy Pig.

I think that bistro might be too lofty of a term for the Pig; I would describe more as a "beer bar." While the Pig does have an extensive selection of foods, it's the extensive selection of beers that will keep you coming back.

The Pig has rotating tappers pouring local favorites such as Rush River and Summit, domestic winners like Bell's and Left Hand, and Belgian delights like Delerium and Rodenbach Grand Cru.

Besides the tappers, the Pig has a decent selection of mostly Belgian bottles. There are the stand-bys like Chimay and Corsendonk, as well as some rare bits like De Ranke XX Bitter and Cuvee Angelique.

If I lived in the Selby-Dale area, I certainly would frequent the Muddy Pig; however, living across town, I would be more tempted to venture there if the food kept pace with the beer selection. Should you find yourself in Saint Paul it would certainly be wise to stop in and see what delicious taps the Pig has rotated in.

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