Friday, November 23, 2007

Beer on the Brain's Holiday Gift Guide

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now we are free to cast aside gratefulness and begin wallowing in holiday fueled consumerism in earnest. But with "Black Friday," crowded mall parking lots, gift certificates for everything imaginable, and Ebay, there is a lot to wallow through. With so many people to shop for, and so many proprietors to patronize, where does one begin? Allow us to help you with Beer on the Brain's 2007 Holiday Gift Guide.

Brewery Gear

Any beer lover loves to rep his/her favorite micro or local brewery. Heck, it's practically a required uniform for attending any beerfest. In the age of internet shopping, one doesn't need to travel to Chico to get a Sierra Nevada hoodie, one simply orders through the inter-tubes. Find a brewery from your giftee's home state, or share some local brewing lore from yours.

Lakefront Brewery E-Store
Sierra Nevada E-Store

Drinking Ware

While the can itself will suffice when chugging some Hamm's, sometimes we drinkers want a proper vessel to appreciate the color, head, and nose of a beer. There are many different styles of glassware that often correspond to a particular type of beer. There are goblets for Belgians, pilsner glasses for lagers, and of course pint glasses and mugs for the lot of them. There are many logo covered pint glasses to be had out there, but sometimes an unadorned pilsner or goblet adds a touch of class to your beer drinking experience.

Beer Advocate's glassware guide
Glassware on

Beer, duh.

If you know that your giftee is a beer lover, you could always get them something you know they will love: beer. Save the 30-pack of PBR for the next tailgate contribution, and get them something they would truly enjoy. There are sampler packs at your local beer mecca, but for something more upscale, consider a beer of the month club. There is considerable latitude in this field: from a 6 pack a month, to a case, and from a California club, to an import club. Now, I don't know about you, but to me this sure beats a pie of the month club.

West Coast Beer of the Month Club
Microbrew BOTM Club
The International Beer of the Month Club

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