Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer: Beverage, Culture, Mediator

The nation (or the media at least) has recently had their eyes fixed on Cambridge, Massachusetts, where an unlikely dust-up between a famous Harvard professor and a level-headed Cambridge police officer again brought up the issue of race in America.

President Obama, being the last major catalyst of this ongoing debate, felt the need to weigh in on the matter, and did so in a way that some found inappropriate.

In an attempt to smooth over his remarks and to generally mend fences in the matter, Obama decided to invite both Professor Gates and Officer Crowley to the White House...for a beer.

To the average American, this made a lot of sense. Conflicts, deals, partnerships, and more are often hashed out over a pint. What better way to make friends or make peace with your neighbor but to invite him over for a brew?

The offering of a beer is a peace-offering, a trust-maker, a crutch. It puts us at ease, and allows us to communicate with some of our barriers aside, even after only 1 sip. It puts us in that comfortable place where we speak our mind, but in a reasonable way.

Politics aside, us beer drinkers have our own questions regarding the suds summit; namely, what beers will they be drinking?

According to ABC, the President will have a Bud Light, the Professor a Red Stripe, and the Officer a Blue Moon.

What do these beer selections say about these personalities? An article in the New York Times noted that Bud is foreign owned, Red Stripe imported, and Blue Moon is served with fruit.

Personally I think that were I to serve beer at the White House, I would serve the finest the Country had to offer. There is, however, something to be said about giving each man his preferred brand. After all, the President is not trying to impress a German diplomat, he is trying to put the parties at ease.

With that said, I think if one is going to hold a beer summit, the choice of the beer to be served is obvious.

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Amber said...

"the President will have a Bud Light, the Professor a Red Stripe, and the Officer a Blue Moon."

Red (stripe), Light (bud), and Blue (moon)????? : )

Also my suggestion for the beer of choice: