Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beer Pressure

I was at the liquor store recently, perusing the stacks, when I happened to overhear a conversation from a Frat Boy type, and his not quite as preppy, skateboard-hoodie wearing friend. The stageplay was approximately this:

Frat Boy walks down aisle of refrigerated beer and promptly and decisively selects a six-pack of Corona light.

Hoodie Friend is taking his time, mulling over the selection at hand. After some time he selects a 12-pack of Pilsner Urquell.

Frat Boy makes a face of disgust and confusion usually reserved for finding a dead hippopotamus in your suburban backyard.

Frat Boy: What the fuck is that?!?

Hoodie Friend: What?

FB: Seriously, what the fuck are you drinking?!?

HF: It's Czech.

They both walk to the register. FB checks out and pays with cash. HF pays with a credit card, which is taking a small amount of time.

FB: Seriously man, what the fuck are you buying!?!?

HF is not making eye contact with FB and does not respond.

There is lesson to be learned in this exchange: don't let anyone make you feel bad about drinking the beer you want, especially when the beer you want is so obviously superior that you probably shouldn't even dignify their comments with a response (I'll also point out that it's not 1985, and Pilsner Urquell is a fairly common beer available at almost every liquor store in America).

When someone mocks you for drinking beer from a champagne bottle, take it in stride. When someone announces the superiority of Budweiser, let it slide. When someone offers you a Mich Golden Light, run and hide.

The bottom line here is that you do not have to bend to their Beer Pressure! You are your own individual and no one has control over your taste buds but you. Just say no!

To illustrate point, please consult the following video. I'm sure that the kid in this can relate...his friends are trying to get him to drink Budweiser.

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kyle said...

Wow. Had I witnessed this I might have intervened in HF's defense.


If I had to buy a 12-pack of Corona Light I'd be disguised like a politician in a porn shop.